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Educational Software;
Bookkkeeping in MYOB
Small Business Information Systems


$300 - 20 pages
$400 - 30 pages
$500 - 40 pages
$600 - 60 pages +

Limited Monthly CMS start at $250pa.
10 pages.

Unlimited, full featured CMS start at $500pa.
20 GB; unlimited pages.

$350 - 20 pages
$450 - 30 pages
$550 - 40 pages
$600 - 60 pages +
LOW cost website construction & hosting for Small Business and Database Suppliers. Get your site up in hours, not weeks, with 'Information Software Systems.' Cloud Accounting and APP development available.

You’re self employed, a cafe owner, a professional, a plumber, an electrician, or you run a pet kennels boarding establishment; or you may work for a local non-profit group, like a rugby club. You'll need to be seen on a website and organised through a database. Show who you are and get organised. We do it all for you.

...includes servicing and Search Engine Optimization(SEO) and monthly Google Analytics. FREE updates anytime by email. No better deal anywhere in NZ.

... you give us your data and we'll host it quickly.

Cheapest Package: $150, NO G.S.T. , gets 5GB Hosting & Domain Name & ALL these Extras... Check it out!


You access your own accounts, anytime, anywhere, any computer; with your accountant of choice checking on progress. One easy access code after authorisation.
You do your job and leave the Bookkeeping to us with MYOB Essentials in the Cloud.
Single Unit: $NZ500
5 Pack: $NZ2,500

We customise and install Windows 7 and MacOS databases.

• Estimates
• Expenses
• Inventory
• Invoicing
• Projects
• Personnel
• Product Catalog
• Tasks
• Track Clients
• Time Billing

App Software Development

Educational App Development iOS

 Pricing:: $NZ1,000 - $10,000 per APP

Specialising in Children's Learning and Game Software
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Sole Trader... CEO: Peter Cawkwell
We are a New Zealand based company, in the Waikato.

Mobile: 021 344 682
Information Software Systems :
Web Design ;

Educational Software;
Bookkkeeping in MYOB
Small Business Information Systems

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