Content Management System or CMS

Limited CMS at $200pa. for 10 pages; or Unlimited pages CMS start at $500pa; 20GB. Arrangements can be made to pay either choice monthly, 5 weeks in advance. Choose from a template design below. Click to expand thumbnail images.

Horizontal Menu Templates

Vertical Menu Templates

Content Management System - Make your changes yourself
Content Management is easy to make changes yourself. It's just like using web based email. Rather than "compose email" and send it to us for updating your website, you "add page". Rather than "send", you can "Save and Publish" directly.

Full Control Over Content
You can edit all sections of your web page content. Your pages are free format, meaning you can put whatever you like where ever you like, including photos, videos, and other widgets.

Plus Advanced Content Widgets
Galleries, FAQs, Blogs, News and Events pages can all be added just as easily as a free format page. These features make it easy to manage large amounts of content, or deal with special data. Drag and drop element ordering within galleries and FAQ pages makes sorting a breeze.

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